Borders, Ferries & Friends!

Phew! What a day! After a 2nd great night’s sleep camping on the way to the Mexico/Belize border, we ran some errands and then attempted to cross into Belize.

Our last night in Mexico at Yax-ha.
Our view from Yax-ha campsite in Chetumal.

Lo and behold, a Mexico aduana agent waved me down and asked for my vehicle permit. Since we had only driven to Cancun for a flight, it was not necessary, and I explained it to the agent. She wouldn’t allow it, and told us we had to park the truck and walk to customs office to buy a permit. In the office, I told them the situation, and they said, “you do not need a permit”. We were caught in the middle! Luckily, the agent went to bat for us, and called the other agent to give an ok. The first agent didn’t look too happy, but waved us through. Across the river to Belize!

Turning Point!
Daily exchange rates.
Had to park and go on foot to straighten out the issues!
The long process of Belize insurance….at least it has ac & friendly workers!

The rest of the day went smooth. Although we did drive a bumpy dirt road to a hand crank ferry leading to Progresso. Here we met our friends, and long time On the road in Belize contributors, Eric and Cherie. They were waiting for us on the other side, where we followed them to their wonderful home on the shores of the lagoon, for a feast of grilled BBQ chicken, corn, fresh bread, salad and beans! It was a spectacular meal! And even better company! They invited us to stay the night and we obliged! So much to see and do! It’s great to be back in Belize!

Waiting for the river ferry to Pregresso!
Getting the hand crank ferry moving!
Enjoying the river view from the ferry.
The ferry approaching.
The ride across the river. Our two trucks and 2 other pickups.
The Burson’s met us at the ferry!

Leaving the Burson’s oasis in Pergresso, Belize!