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We keep "falling" for each other!
We keep “falling” for each other!

We are a happily married couple who loves to travel. After both being in the corporate world, and then establishing a successful real estate business, and raising a child into a young man, we decided to hit the road! For my 40th birthday (2012), we took off for 4 months, loaded into a Land rover Discovery. I modified it to meet our needs, including many upgrades such as heavy duty suspension/lift kit, over-sized tires, rooftop tent, inside drawer system, brush guard, and lots of other little goodies. (See the Our Vehicle page for more details). We had such an amazing time exploring, meeting new people, volunteering, and experiencing multiple cultures, that we decided the travel lifestyle was definitely for us. That trip was documented in a joint blog venture with Bernard Barbour. It was published on our site www.CAOexpeditions.com (check it out). Recently we founded a Facebook group designed to share travel in and around Belize. You can find this group at “On The Road In Belize”. Please find us there and join the fun.

“Not all who wander are lost” I love this quote, wish it were mine, but its not. “Is the journey, not the destination”, again not my quote, however I have used it to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the journey. It is difficult to jump off the rat race track and slow down to smell the flowers and engage with your surroundings and the people you encounter, until you actually do it.

Scott & Angela
Scott & Angela