Agua Caliente, Guatemala!

We always love the over night stop at Agua caliente (hot water falls). The kids from the neighboring village always come to our campers to see what we’re up to, to sell us coconuts,banana pancakes, and play.






This time, they were treated to the antics of Bernard Barbour🤔, who imitated every kind of animals you can think of, chasing them around the campsite. They are such fun loving kids. Despite the communication barriers, every child just wants to know someone loves them, and will pay attention to them. Before it was over, we all got involved in acting out some type of animal, chasing them around.










Checking out the nail polish!
Bull Fighting – Bernard Still!
Who buys the most stuff from the kids? A-Scott does!

The young girls, were infatuated with Angela’s bright toe nails, and sat on the camper steps, “petting” her nails and asking for theirs to be done.


















Our favorite resident caretaker, and security guard is Frederico. He is 75 years old, and as spry as a 40 year old. He has lived on the river, at the waterfalls his whole life. He attributes his fantastic health to God, hiking, and swimming in the falls. He was thrilled to receive a special VIP tour of our campers. He has the most Infectious smile, and laugh. He truly enjoys life. I’m pleased to call him a friend, and enjoy seeing him each time.


The waterfalls are absolutely magical! The river is very crisp, and powerful, while the waterfalls are hot and beautiful. The temperatures are fueled by the sulpheric gases from the volcanoes in the area. Some areas, will actually burn your skin, as it is so hot. 



Bernard braved the climb to the top of the waterfalls with me, where we found the mud that locals claim to rejuvenate your skin.