An Eventful but Uneventful few Days in Belize.

The last couple days have been fairly eventful. We crossed the border Into Belize,visited friends over night in Progresso (Northern Belize), drove 13 miles of pot hole laden gravel roads for an hour and a half, at 5 mph, picked & dropped a friend at the Belize City airport, camped in a Mennonite community in Central Belize, for free at the park, got some welding and maintenance done at a muffler shop, ate a banana split from the Mennonite dairy, drove to Southern Belize to our home for the next two weeks, a house on the Caribbean sea! I’m tired just writing all that! All in all it has been productive and lots of fun. The sea breeze is incredible tonight as we settle in for a welcome nights sleep.

Shopping the roadside stands!
On the Road in Belize!
Coming up with a plan to repair Bernard’s camper at Weibe’s Welding Shop in Spanish Lookout.
Welding shop at work!


Weibe’s Welding Shop in Spanish Lookout.
Lovin’ on a Banana Split at Western Dairies in Spanish Lookout!
One lane bridges that are old railroad bridges from the 50’s are all over the country!
Bill & Lisa Miller let us stay in their beach house in Maya Beach while they were in the States!
Placencia Pier
Saying goodbye to McKinley at the airport! Hate to see him go!