BBQ in Belize!

After a long day on the road in Belize, we were happy to find a nice little BBQ joint right near the Belize/Guatemala border. We had heard the new facility was opening, from our friend, Damon Russell.

As we pulled through the arched entry, we were dismayed to see the large “closed” sign posted across the front. Oh man, and I could almost taste the smoked bbq!

We got out and we’re greeted by a smiling face, and invited for a private dinner. They were only open Tuesday through Sunday, but offered to make us a special meal on Monday! What service!

I couldn’t wait to try the big Southern Texas BBQ. The smoked smell of the meat was in the air, making me drool waiting for it to be served!

The smoked sausage, brisket, potato salad, and salsa, were well worth the wait! I even got iced tea served in a ball (Mason) jar! If it wasn’t for the palm trees, I would have sworn I was in South Texas, eating some savory BBQ.

If you get a chance on your way out of, or into Belize/Guatemala, do yourself a favor and give them a try! Just be sure to visit Tuesday-Sunday. See you on the road!