Fuego welcomes us back!

And we are back! To Antigua that is.  On our way back to Antigua from Lago de Atitlan we were met by what looked like a snow storm, but turns out it was ASH! We were met with a dust cloud covering the air, ground, and vehicles. Volcano Fuego was erupting! At times it was difficult to see oncoming traffic as it was so thick! People were putting on surgical masks and covering their faces with their shirts as we pulled into town. We could feel the ash landing on our eye lashes but used paper towels we had in the car to cover our mouths and noses to make breathing easier as we made our way to a local restaurant to wait for the ash to settle. Once it was clearing, all the shop owners slowly started coming out with buckets of water and throwing them on the sidewalk to wash the dust away. Seems they have done this before! Love experiencing local culture!

Ash covered cars in Antigua
Scott Woodhams's photo.
Ash covering our carunnamed (1)Street in AntiguaunnamedThe next day we were able to see pictures of the eruption in the newspapers!
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Below is a  video from YouTube that shows the eruption!