Guatemala Border Crossing meets Torrential Storm!

The day finally came when we could re-enter Guatemala! After being turned away in March because it was to soon for us to enter again with our truck papers (having just been there in January) we waited out our 3 months in Belize, a U.S. visit and Mexico. We were told in Februay when we tried to leave Belize that we were only gone one month of the required 3 months on our importation. If we wouldnt have turned it in when leaving Guatemala, all would have been fine. Slight delay in travel!

We stopped in Belmopan to fuel up first and met this adorable Mayan man who loved our truck & story. He wished us the best on our travels and welcomed us back in the future!

Such an interesting Man!
The busiest we have seen the Guate border crossing.
Quick money exchange before crossing
Always checking out the variety of trucks we cant get in the U.S.
The paper we’ve been waiting months to get!
Security at the Guatemala border
First stop! Celebrating the border crossing!

Once we were in Guatemala it was time to make a quick stop at the Sareta for ice cream! We were in a little hurry because we could see black storm clouds coming in. We made it back to the trucks just as the storm began. It was the worst storm we have driven in to this point! Tons of downed trees and water washing across the roads!

Trees down from the border to Flores!