Hiking Ixpanpajul National Park, Guatemala!

The view a the fog cleared from one of the many suspension bridges!

We had an amazing experience our first full day in Guatemala. Up with the sun, at about 5:30,we got around and headed out for a mountain jungle hike. The humidity picked up, but the canopy of the jungle protected us from the sun. It was some of the best exercising we have done in a while. It was beautiful to capture the ray’s coming through the trees, see ornate, damp spider webs hanging in the trees, a spectacular view of the neighboring island of Flores, and breathing the fresh air! All said and done, we were back by 8:30, ready to start the day right after showers! It was so humid in the jungle! Gotta love living Life All Out!

Bright eyed and ready to get started!

There are 3.5 sq miles of dense jungle to explore with 6 suspension bridges over the jungle canopy! Although we did not see any animals on our hike we did see some bugs & spiders! During the night we did hear the infamous holler monkeys calling out high above our camp!

The fog/clouds are still clearing this early in the morning!
Sun rays shining down!
Happy Trails!
The humidity is starting to take a toll on us!
Jungle Spider!
Break time! Unless we were on a suspension bridge, we were hiking up hill!
The height & views were amazing!
Thank goodness we had well groomed trails!
Almost to the top of the mountain!

On the park grounds is also a finca (farm). Horses and donkey are allowed to roam the grounds & camp area. We were treated to the alpha donkey wrangling the horses! He was making all kinds of noise as he chased them thru our camp into the woods and back out then across the creek to where they finally came to a stop!

This old Deere has been put out to pasture!


Running the finca!
Our camp for the night. Sloppy mud and all.

This is one of our favorite places to camp near Flores! Our 3rd time here and I’m sure we will be back!