Hot Water in a Cold River!


During our recent trip to Guatemala, we were treated to one of the most spectacular experiences you could ever imagine. Hidden along the shores of Lake Izabel, 16 miles outside of Rio Dulce, is the only Hot Water falls in the world. Fueled by underground volcanic activity, the water gets HOT! After a short walk through a jungle trail, you round the corner to see a magnificent waterfall cascading into the natural pool below. Steam lingers at the waterline, as the hot water from the falls meet the cool waters of the flowing river.


This phenom is a spectacle to behold, and even more glorious to experience! Wading through the river, making your way to the hot water showering down, sends shivers through your body, even chill bumps, as the two temperatures meet on your skin. The joy is in finding that perfect place where the waterfall does not scald you, and the river doesn’t freeze you. Once located, you just sit in one place taking it all in. The jungle surroundings, and sounds of the falls, add to the ambiance.

Scott getting a mouthful of steaming hot water!10968401_10205144605307382_4135231729185673088_n

Cayen & Adam


Once you are acclimated to the water, you can swim under the falls and enter caves that feature narrow paths, occasionally having to submerge your head to continue swimming forward. The steam can take your breath away at times, but the sites are magical. Swimming behind, underneath, and through the worlds only hot waterfalls! What more could one ask for?


After the swim, we made our way up a steep trail to the top of the falls, where there are hot pools of water, inviting you for a sauna bath, some so hot they were boiling!

He found the perfect Hot Shower! 10989133_10205148336040648_5012523524273290230_n

Perfect Day!10676188_10205144600027250_5244985054107120376_n

Furthermore near the end of the trail, lies damp, dark mud. Due to the hot water, this mud is in a paste like form. Legend has it, if you cover your skin in this aromatic mud, your skin will be baby soft (either that or a cruel joke on the gringo’s). We found the spot, and each person started lightly putting some of the hot, slimy mud onto our leg or arm. I decided if its worth doing, it was worth going all the way. So, I grabbed two hand fulls of the sloppy muck, and smeared it on my face and the rest of my body.

All in!10592863_10205144605027375_5201281221352018391_n

Ashley trying to obtain silky smooth legs!1506983_10205144676989174_4642083706092448930_n

Adam, joined in, and before long, we looked like two swamp creatures! Ellie, was less than impressed, as evidenced by her scowl, of disapproval, on her face.

Jungle Men!
Jungle Men!


Taste like Chicken!
Taste like Chicken!
Ellie is not impressed with the muddy men!
Ellie is not impressed with the muddy men!

We let it dry, and then headed back to the hot water to clean off. And lo and behold, my skin was silky smooth! Almost oily feeling. You absolutely must make this one of your bucket list items. I have checked it off, but added another box, so I can return again later!