Island Breeze & the open Sea!

Silk Caye!

There is a place so amazing, that you can swim in the Caribbean sea, along side turtles, colorful fish, sting rays, and even Sharks! This place is located about 20 miles off the shores of Belize, along the barrier reef. This reef is the 2nd largest reef in the world, and offers the most spectacular views, and experiences imaginable. This is not a staged secured area where caged animals swim. This is the real sea, with real live sea creatures, in their natural habitat. You can imagine the initial apprehension, diving from the boat, into the middle of the unknown, knowing there are sharks and sting rays below. But, I am so glad we took the plunge!

We started the day off leaving Placencia pier with smooth waters in the bay, but as we rounded the point the water started getting rough. We were hitting swells that would make you come off your seat as we went airborne for what felt like minutes!

Our ride to the island!
Riding the wake on the Caribbean!

We managed to slide into the wake of a much larger boat taking out a group to dive. It was smoother in the wake, but still eventful!

Angela Snorkling!

We were all glad to see the island come into view after an hour of riding! Once we arrived on the island we took off to snorkel around the island while the crew prepared our lunch of BBQ chicken, potatoes, and slaw!  The snorkeling was smooth and easy and we seen lots of small colorful fish and coral the water.

He fits right in here.
Grilling Chicken for Lunch!
Island time!
Chatting with our new friends from Russia who are living in New Jersey now!
Angela taking a breather!
The Sting Rays just glide across the bottom.
So much to see!
Turtle Tag!
It was pretty creepy swimming with Sharks!
So many turtles; they were spectacular!
Ahhh the stingrays feel like puffy mushrooms!


The turtles were very active and playful.
Flight of the Turtle!
These are Loggerheads!
I got in the thick of it!
Come See!!
Finished with his afternoon snack of lobster.

The lobster fisherman will go out to sea for as long as a week at a time and live on the boat or small islands. Two fisherman go in the water at a time. One will swim down to about 90 ft and grab up the lobsters. The second guy is there to pull him up in case he runs out of breathe. Once they have the catch for the day they sit and clean the lobsters on the boats discarding the remains into the ocean. Other sea life come in to feast! We were also told to be careful to leave our flippers on because the turtles will nip at your feet thinking they are conch!

Notice the toothbrushes & paste! Good hygiene is even important on the open sea!
Relaxing after a long day!