Back in the U.S. Danger abound!


Last night we slept in our tent, among moss covered trees, deep in the South Texas swamps, surrounded by over 300 alligators, venomous snakes, coyotes, bobcats, and deer. They were all in there natural habitats. No barriers, cages or glass separating us from the natural wild life. A truly unique experience (especially wandering to the bathroom in the pitch black of night). Thanks Texas for offering this great experience!


We didn’t see any eyes watching us from the water……but how many were we will never know. Alligators are hard to spot! The park ranger told us we could walk about 10 minutes on a nature trail and we would come to a mother alligator & her babies we could watch from an observation deck, unfortunately when we woke the next morning, the rain had set in.1503281_10204335909970504_6460333120903220669_nSigns of danger everywhere!15482_10204335910610520_4446227142865197404_n

A little alligator whimsy.
A little alligator whimsy.



Brazzo Bend State Park was beautiful & well maintained. It will stay on our list of places to stay on our way back into the states.