Agua Caliente, Guatemala!

We always love the over night stop at Agua caliente (hot water falls). The kids from the neighboring village always come to our campers to see what we’re up to, to sell us coconuts,banana pancakes, and play.






This time, they were treated to the antics of Bernard Barbour🤔, who imitated every kind of animals you can think of, chasing them around the campsite. They are such fun loving kids. Despite the communication barriers, every child just wants to know someone loves them, and will pay attention to them. Before it was over, we all got involved in acting out some type of animal, chasing them around.










Checking out the nail polish!
Bull Fighting – Bernard Still!
Who buys the most stuff from the kids? A-Scott does!

The young girls, were infatuated with Angela’s bright toe nails, and sat on the camper steps, “petting” her nails and asking for theirs to be done.


















Our favorite resident caretaker, and security guard is Frederico. He is 75 years old, and as spry as a 40 year old. He has lived on the river, at the waterfalls his whole life. He attributes his fantastic health to God, hiking, and swimming in the falls. He was thrilled to receive a special VIP tour of our campers. He has the most Infectious smile, and laugh. He truly enjoys life. I’m pleased to call him a friend, and enjoy seeing him each time.


The waterfalls are absolutely magical! The river is very crisp, and powerful, while the waterfalls are hot and beautiful. The temperatures are fueled by the sulpheric gases from the volcanoes in the area. Some areas, will actually burn your skin, as it is so hot. 



Bernard braved the climb to the top of the waterfalls with me, where we found the mud that locals claim to rejuvenate your skin.










Island Breeze & the open Sea!

Silk Caye- That is me snorkeling!
Angela taking a breather while snorkeling around the island.
Coming ashore!
Our ride to the island 20 miles out.
Scott on the island.

There is a place so amazing, that you can swim in the Caribbean sea, along side turtles, colorful fish, sting rays, and even Sharks! This place is located about 20 miles off the shores of Belize, along the barrier reef. This reef is the 2nd largest reef in the world, and offers the most spectacular views, and experiences imaginable. This is not a staged secured area where caged animals swim. This is the real sea, with real live sea creatures, in their natural habitat. You can imagine the initial apprehension, diving from the boat, into the middle of the unknown, knowing there are sharks and sting rays below. But, I am so glad we took the plunge!

We started the day off leaving Placencia pier with smooth waters in the bay, but as we rounded the point the water started getting rough. We were hitting swells that would make you come off your seat as we went airborne for what felt like minutes!

Riding the wake on the Caribbean!

We managed to slide into the wake of a much larger boat taking out a group to dive. It was smoother in the wake, but still eventful!

Island siesta!
Chatting with new Russian friends from Jersey!
Check out those tails!!

We were all glad to see the island come into view after an hour of riding! Once we arrived on the island we took off to snorkel around the island while the crew prepared our lunch of BBQ chicken, potatoes, and slaw!  The snorkeling was smooth and easy and we seen lots of small colorful fish and coral the water. 

Fishermen at see for weeks at a time.
Flame Grilled on the island!
The Sting Rays just glide across the bottom.
So much to see!
Turtle Tag!
It was pretty creepy swimming with Sharks!
So many turtles; they were spectacular!
Ahhh the stingrays feel like puffy mushrooms!
The turtles were very active and playful.
Flight of the Turtle!
These are Loggerheads!
I got in the thick of it!
Come See!!
Finished with his afternoon snack of lobster.

~Placencia Life~

Hanging out at Swan Villas!
Evening swim with my Baby!
Camping on the lake in Spanish Lookout!
Our Wacky Friend Becky from Louisiana!

We spent 2 weeks in Placencia visiting friends, eating at our favorite restaurants and relaxing! Here

Our new Lagoon Front property!
Our Scooter was sold to Becky! Who was ecstatic

is a glimpse!

Gettin’ Down at Karokee!
Karokee at the Placencia Hotel.
Our new Belize Wheels! Prime Minister Price’sold 1992 Defender!
Birds eye view of Placencia Peninsula
Touring the construction of Itz’ana
LandRover Graveyard.
Celebrating Scott’s Birthday with our Belize Family.
Rain storms from Tropical Storm Tom.
Airboat on the lagoon.
Mapping out our next move!

An Eventful but Uneventful few Days in Belize.

The last couple days have been fairly eventful. We crossed the border Into Belize,visited friends over night in Progresso (Northern Belize), drove 13 miles of pot hole laden gravel roads for an hour and a half, at 5 mph, picked & dropped a friend at the Belize City airport, camped in a Mennonite community in Central Belize, for free at the park, got some welding and maintenance done at a muffler shop, ate a banana split from the Mennonite dairy, drove to Southern Belize to our home for the next two weeks, a house on the Caribbean sea! I’m tired just writing all that! All in all it has been productive and lots of fun. The sea breeze is incredible tonight as we settle in for a welcome nights sleep.

Shopping the roadside stands!
On the Road in Belize!
Coming up with a plan to repair Bernard’s camper at Weibe’s Welding Shop in Spanish Lookout.
Welding shop at work!


Weibe’s Welding Shop in Spanish Lookout.
Lovin’ on a Banana Split at Western Dairies in Spanish Lookout!
One lane bridges that are old railroad bridges from the 50’s are all over the country!
Bill & Lisa Miller let us stay in their beach house in Maya Beach while they were in the States!
Saying goodbye to McKinley at the airport! Hate to see him go!

Borders, Ferries & Friends!

Phew! What a day! After a 2nd great night’s sleep camping on the way to the Mexico/Belize border, we ran some errands and then attempted to cross into Belize.

Our last night in Mexico at Yax-ha.
Our view from Yax-ha campsite in Chetumal.

Lo and behold, a Mexico aduana agent waved me down and asked for my vehicle permit. Since we had only driven to Cancun for a flight, it was not necessary, and I explained it to the agent. She wouldn’t allow it, and told us we had to park the truck and walk to customs office to buy a permit. In the office, I told them the situation, and they said, “you do not need a permit”. We were caught in the middle! Luckily, the agent went to bat for us, and called the other agent to give an ok. The first agent didn’t look too happy, but waved us through. Across the river to Belize!

Turning Point!
Daily exchange rates.
Had to park and go on foot to straighten out the issues!
The long process of Belize insurance….at least it has ac & friendly workers!

The rest of the day went smooth. Although we did drive a bumpy dirt road to a hand crank ferry leading to Progresso. Here we met our friends, and long time On the road in Belize contributors, Eric and Cherie. They were waiting for us on the other side, where we followed them to their wonderful home on the shores of the lagoon, for a feast of grilled BBQ chicken, corn, fresh bread, salad and beans! It was a spectacular meal! And even better company! They invited us to stay the night and we obliged! So much to see and do! It’s great to be back in Belize!

Waiting for the river ferry to Pregresso!
Getting the hand crank ferry moving!
Enjoying the river view from the ferry.
The ferry approaching.
The ride across the river. Our two trucks and 2 other pickups.
The Burson’s met us at the ferry!

Leaving the Burson’s oasis in Pergresso, Belize!

Reunited & it Feels Like Mexico!!

After a much anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed visit, with family back home, we are back! We spent a couple of weeks in Michigan celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary & Dylan’s high school graduation as well as a couple of weeks in Georgia taking care of business & visiting family!

We were greeted by Bernard and Tammy, who drove down from Tennessee to meet us in Cancun Mexico, (where are truck has been parked) to continue our trip South, all the way to the bottom of Argentina. Let’s get on the road!!  ~angela

Smallest Rental Car Ever!
Someone missed her home!
Sweetest friends ever!


Agua Calientes!  (Hot water falls)

We had another great experience at Auga Caliente in North East Guatemala. This is one of our favorite spots in Guatemala. It features a cool flowing river, providing the water supply to the small village for washing clothes, bathing, and recreation.

The unique part is the sulfur heated sauna like waters that come crashing over the edge of the waterfall. Words cannot describe the feeling of wading through the comfortably cool and refreshing river, to be met with the steamy hot water of the waterfalls!

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Ready for some Historic charm? Antigua!

Ahhhh Antigua! Possibly (most likely), our favorite city in all of Guatemala. There is so much to see and do here. Countless restaurants, coffee farms, historic churches, and buildings, entertainment, and cobblestone streets! This is a place you could move to or visit, experience history, modern amenities, and everything in between. We have been here 5 or 6 times, and each time is more fun than the last. We find something new each time.

Antigua streets

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