Fun with the kids from Pacaya Village Guatemala

After spending the past few days working in the village, we had the pleasure of spending a fun day with 160 kids from another village, Pacaya and as a bonus we Sponsor one of the boys & got to spend the day with him!

Most of these kids have never been out of their tiny village at the base of the active volcano, Pacaya, let alone, seen the sites of this upscale mall with a play place called Divercity.


Volcano Pacaya looms over the village Pacaya

Divercity is a childrens’ themed faux city, that provides hands on fun for the kids, exposing them to many occupations, in a fun atmosphere. IMG_20170804_105142

Including, veterinarian, TV reporter, farmer, radio DJ, fireman, plumber, detective, model, and much, much more!
Veterinary with a real dog
We have been sponsoring Jonathan for about 6 months at this point. This would be our second time visiting him in Guatemala. He came running to greet us with smiles & hugs!
Lunch with Jonathan!
It is so exciting watching the children’s reactions to seeing all this for the 1st time. I can only imagine what must be running through their minds. Cinder block homes, many with dirt floors, and outdoor bathrooms, are the norm for these kids.
Checking out the airplane pilot simulation with Jonathan.
It was now the weekend so we decided to take a day off before getting back to work! So off to Antigua & an unplanned parade for the month long celebration of Guatemala’s independence!