Agua Calientes!  (Hot water falls)

We had another great experience at Auga Caliente in North East Guatemala. This is one of our favorite spots in Guatemala. It features a cool flowing river, providing the water supply to the small village for washing clothes, bathing, and recreation.

The unique part is the sulfur heated sauna like waters that come crashing over the edge of the waterfall. Words cannot describe the feeling of wading through the comfortably cool and refreshing river, to be met with the steamy hot water of the waterfalls!

Auga Caliente

As the water begins to mix, it uncontrollably produces goose bumps, as you transition to the hot water. You can explore the caves behind the falls, and even swim behind the rushing waters beneath the caverns, for those adventurists. If you are claustrophobic, I wouldn’t recommend it!
We camped near the river, along side a local owned restaurant, an open air facility, with palapa roof.

Life All out expedition rig

This time we were greeted with a dozen or more children from the village, ages 6-10. Many of them were pedaling their goods, seeing us as their next customers. They were selling fresh, cold coconuts, banana pancakes, still hot from the fire grilled pan, and big smiles.

Cracking the coconut
The coconut kid!

Angela bought a pancake, and I decided on a cold coconut for the sweet water. The 10 year old carrying the coconut, a large knife, and straws, informed me it was 5 quetzals. It was cool and sweet, sipping on the coconut. Between all of us, I think we had about 4 or 5 coconuts, so it was a productive day for some, though the girls only sold one pancake, as they were more interested in watching us and what we were doing at the campsite!

We carry children’s rings with the Lord’s prayer in Spanish to hand out to the kids we encounter. As usual, they were and big hit! Kids came out of the wood work, once we began giving them out. Several returned trying to get more than one. One of the boys tried at least 3 times, getting recognized each time, and told only 1 per person. I have to give him credit though, as he returned a 4th time, with his shirt off, and holding his hand out in the group, hoping to sneak by and get another. But we recognized him! A+ for effort though! Notice the little boy in the picture without his shirt, that is him.

Showing off their rings
Good try, little guy!

We really enjoyed our time here and interacting with all of the kids. It’s always nice to talk with them, as we feel like that is where our Spanish level is, about 6-10 years old. 🙂 Another note able gentleman was in a cowboy hat. He had the friendliest persona, offering big grins, and welcoming us. We gave him a man’s sized ring as well, and he really appreciated it. It’s so nice to be welcomed into a country with no strings attached, just acceptance.

My cowboy friend

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